Technology plays a pivotal role in the business realm today. Businesses and marketers find ways to boost their online marketing strategies, completely aware that most people are using the web in today’s modern times. The technological revolution is gaining more prominence and popularity as compared to traditional campaigns.


While it is challenging to keep up with scientific and technological advances, this is what separates growing business from stagnant ones, which have not accepted the fact that it is necessary to use these modern solutions to monetize their business efforts.

If you are looking for ways on how you can maximize technology for business growth, here are six tech solutions you should know and remember to visit Business Tech Expo 2019:

  1. Responsive Web Development 

If you want to amplify your company’s growth, you need to invest in a “responsive web development”. Basically, what this does is make your website appear great on any mobile or device. Customers won’t waste their time navigating through poorly constructed websites, and this is completely understood. Since browsing is more common in phones and other gadgets, investing in this kind of technology will help drive your business growth. 

  1. Cloud-Based Service

Compared with other technologies, cloud-based technology is relatively more inexpensive. It also promotes easier access among employees as documents and files can be retrieved without the necessity of a centralized server. It can also boost the productivity of people as it allows various departments to communicate more effectively with each other.

  1. VoIP Business Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a significant business tool in maintaining an open communication with your customers. This is because this channel provides toll-free voice calling and other features such as call forwarding for customers. You can even use it as an automated help desk to give your customers an impression that you are a progressive business rather than an obsolete one.

  1. Email Marketing

While social media plays an essential role in online advertising, nothing beats the impact made by a well-structured e-mail. A good emailmarketing will assist you in navigating through spam filters and help you get your message across to your potential clients.

  1. Online Security Software

A security breach is one of the challenges in the online world. To make sure that your company is safe from the threat of hacking, which can lead to huge losses, it is best to invest in an online security software. You can consider investing in sweeper cameras that offer constant updates while recognizing threats through a smart image processing.

  1. The Power of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves keywords and algorithms that when used wisely can drive positive outcomes for your business. An effective SEO will put your website on the first or second page of search engines like Google, increasing the chances of your website getting discovered by people. If you are not familiar withhow to maximize SEO, you can hire an expert and make use of SEO tools and software.


Technology has undoubtedly changed how businesses are conducted. It is expected to evolve over time, and businesses must learn how to adapt to these advancements and changes to drive profit.