Starting up a business always comes with a challenge, and looking for innovative ways to grow the business is one of them. Aside from finding ways to flourish any startup, the most important thing to be considered is keeping the expenses as low as possible. In this case, the use of Social Media is highly recommended.

Since the use of technology is increasing over time, any social media platforms can be a great help for the promotion of any startup businesses. The internet has produced only minimal obstacles for the entry of e-commerce, thus allowing any person to begin a business with just a laptop and an idea.

The Right Social Media Platform for Startups

As numerous platforms emerge on the internet, choosing the right social media platform for a new business often consumes a lot of time. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the best social media platforms that you might want to consider:

1.     Facebook

With approximately 1.65 billion monthly active users Facebook is the most used social media on the planet, using Facebook as a means of promoting your business is feasible. Facebook is commonly a hang-out spot where you can easily get connected with people who might be interested in your business.

2.     Twitter

Twitter is commonly the first source of news and trends, and on this platform, you can easily connect with a number of influencers. Using this social media platform will keep you updated on what’s happening and trending around the world. It is a good site for any startups since sharing information is easy and collaborating with influencers might be achievable.

3.     LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform where the executives, professionals, and other businesses commonly gather together in order to connect with one another. Using this platform will help you introduce your business to other professionals and establish credibility for your industry. 

4.     Instagram

As Instagram commonly contain pictures, this platform will help your business promote your brand and services. This platform is actually ideal for consumers who love ‘window shopping’, and you can use this fact to build a momentum for your products and services.

5.     YouTube

Using YouTube can also help for the promotion of your services and products by broadcasting it to a large number of viewers using videos. It can be useful if you want to tell people about your product, establish brand awareness, and encourage other people by doing some DIYs with your product.


As there is a wide range of social media platforms on the internet, this type of technology for business is really helpful even for startups. However, when choosing the right platform for the introduction of your business, you must be aware of your target audience and your goals. Choose the platforms that match perfectly to your content and learn the basics of that platform. With proper planning and strategies, a massive boost for your business is possible through social media, find out more at Business Tech Expo.