July 12 3:00 PM
AWS Theater

Cybersecurity, New and Evolving Cybersecurity Risks, Threats and Industry Solutions

It is more important now than ever to protect your business from cybersecurity threats and make the most of the opportunities online. Daily, there are headline news articles and television segments centered around various data breaches and cyber attacks. This makes having knowledge of cybersecurity and solutions to these threats, the desired skill in hiring new employees and training new ones. Being aware of cybersecurity prevention techniques and how to appropriately resolve incidents that do occur will help salvage the positive customer relationships within your company and possibly avoid legal jeopardy.


  • Understanding the need of cybersecurity awareness as a part of any business or organization

  • Comprehending cybersecurity risks & threats and how to resolve them

  • Training and equipping all departments in a business with cybersecurity knowledge and preventive tools

  • Adopting cybersecurity skills and its advantage when seeking new employment