AI Theater

The Easy Way to Hire International Tech Talent

We’re international recruiting experts and cultural exchange enthusiasts. We help employers and individuals around the globe find each other to create business-expanding and life-enriching relationships. We’ve got the experience, expertise and credentials to match employer needs with great international talent. 

We’re an innovative solution to a common business problem – finding the right people to grow any business. Our success comes from the ability to combine strategy with chemistry. We’re good at sizing up people and situations and developing smart solutions. 

You might think of us as a place where individual pursuits, business needs and institutional ideals intersect. That’s our sweet spot. And we love what we do because our work advances careers, accomplishes business goals, enlarges personal perspectives and ignites universal understanding. We have Peace Corps passion and entrepreneurial savvy. That’s at the core of our company and in the pulse of our people. 

After 30 years partnering with some of the finest brands and businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry, service runs through our veins. We understand your need to provide memorable service to be able to compete, and we know that you rely on the best people to help deliver those incredible experiences. When you hold up a mirror, your employees are the best reflection of your business. That’s where we can help.

Over the years our business has expanded, and we now serve many industries with alternative recruiting solutions. From the front of your house, to the backbone of your operations, we can help find the right people for your business. Our team is aligned to support our customers with individualized recruiting plans and customized service. We don’t merely facilitate cultural exchange, we make sure that everyone involved is optimizing the experience and getting the desired results. When everyone involved is completely satisfied, we are too.