Lucas Petty

Lucas Petty AI Daddy - CEO, AI Influencer

Lucas Petty is the CEO of AI Daddy, an AI viral influencer, an experienced startup consultant,
university guest lecturer, speaker, and AI expert whose goal is to inspire and educate people to use AI; so that together, we can change every person’s life for the better. As you’ll hear him say often, “Make life easier with AI.“
By sharing how AI in business can transform work, Lucas imparts expert insights to leaders and their teams so they can drive business results. Audiences worldwide describe his talks as “deeply relevant, moving and actionable.”
Lucas is a fierce advocate for AI in business and life, he imagines a world in which the majority of people wake up and use AI to reclaim their freedom, express their creativity, and end the day fulfilled by their work. He believes the future is AI, and rather than AI being a threat, AI is the key to unlocking our greatest potential.