Marcus McGehee

Marcus McGehee AI Consulting Lab - CEO, Influencer

Recently, I’ve discovered what my “superpower“ is, and it’s being able to communicate a complex idea into something that’s easy to understand and implement. My mission is now to help those working in the mental health and coaching field make sense of the incredibly complex and evolving world of digital marketing.

Marketing agencies have gained somewhat of a negative reputation in recent years, and it’s not unwarranted, I have spoken to many clients who have been flat out scammed by other agencies. One of my core principles in my business is that I spend the extra time it takes to educate my clients on what to expect, what realistic expectations should be, and the theory of why they should implement certain strategies.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, I’ve worked with some of the biggest media companies in the country, including Gray Television and Advanced Digital.


April 12, 12:30pm AI Theater

Building Your Story Brand with AI